Design Process

Depending on your personality type, you may look forward to the Design and Selection Process on your new Garman Home as the full realization of your perfectly curated Pinterest and Houzz boards. Alternatively, you may look forward to the Design Process the same you look forward to completing your taxes.  A necessary and expensive evil.  Maybe you fall somewhere in between – excited yet overwhelmed.  No matter your affinity or trepidation for this process, you’re all welcome at Studio g.  

Step by Step

  1. AppliancesThe base price of your new Garman Home includes a credit towards appliances at Sears in Crabtree Valley Mall.  Sears offers special builder pricing that we pass right along to you.   It’s a sweet deal. We’ll help you schedule an appointment with a Sears appliance expert, consider this your homework before you come to Studio g. *Fun Fact:  we start with appliances because they determine your kitchen cabinet configuration and we have to order cabinets first because they take the longest to arrive in your new home.  
  2. Two 2-hr Design AppointmentsOur designers are fantastic at what they do.  We hired them because they love helping you pull together all the small details that will turn one of our houses into your new home.  Think of them as your design sherpas.
  3. Signed Selections – Consider your completed selection sheet the recipe for your new home – we need you to review this document carefully and sign it by the dates in your purchase agreement.  The more you understand what this document includes and more importantly does not include, the better the building experience.

You may not have your own show on HGTV but trust your own sense of style.  You will be able to design a home that is uniquely yours and we will help you get there.  Curious about Studio g?  You can take a virtual tour click here!