Meet the Team

Looking to put a face with the name?  Look no further.

  • Jim Garman

    Jim Garman

    This is Jim along with his son, Sam and daughter, Ellie.  Jim owns Garman Homes - but unlike most owners, Jim doesn't run the company.   Jim spent the last few years as our Purchasing Manager where he proved his skills with pivot table after pivot table of information.  These days Jim splits his time between all the companies he owns: BH&G Go Realty, Go School of Real Estate, and Durham Building Company in addition to Garman & Fresh Paint by Garman.  Jim is a serial entrepreneur. #obvi  In fact, in the time it took you to read the list of companies he owns, he's probably started a new one.

  • Alaina Money

    Alaina Money

    This is Alaina and her three daughters, Stella, Francesca, and Amelia.  Alaina is co-owner and partner in Best Work.   Alaina is also the author of Build Like a Girl.  Her writing has been featured in Building Women magazine (read it here) and she's also a member of the Urban Land Institute.  In her free time Alaina enjoys old-school hip hop, hiring break-dancers for parties, and visiting her siblings in Nashville, Brooklyn, and L.A.

  • Allison King

    Allison King

    This is Allison with her husband, Will and daughter, Maddie.  Allison is the founding member of The Pretty Committee. Her official job title is Division President, but around here, we all refer to her as Queen.  Allison is in charge of the daily operations - also our product, our plans and our super fancy options.  In her spare time Allison enjoys baking the world's best desserts and singing along to every song on the radio.

  • Will King

    Will King

    Meet Will.  You know the story where someone searches for the perfect person only to realize they were in front of them the whole time?  The boy next door? Well, Will is one degree closer than the boy next door.  Will is married to Allison.  Will was first hired as our Production Manager for Fresh Paint, since then he's built every house in Wendell Falls-Garman & Fresh Paint alike including three model homes.  Will is wise, ingenious, and has a keen eye for safety.  And germs.  He may not ever split a meal with you but he will build you the best house around and models that are the prettiest in the land.  

  • Laurel Schawel

    Laurel Schawel

    This is Laurel - our Director of Sales.  Laurel leads our sales team and in true player-coach style, she also sells our exclusive line of Black & White by Garman Homes.  Originally from Chicago, Laurel entertains us with her wholesome midwestern lingo, including describing things as 'neat' and making a real life thumbs up.  She also has a signature move when she's ready to wrap things up - watch for a whistling sound and her index finger in the air making a circle - that means it's time to go.  In addition to spending time with her girls, Ava & Ally, and traveling, Laurel also loves Skittles. But that's not why we nicknamed her Skittles.  That's a whole other story.  

  • Nancy Garman

    Nancy Garman

    This is Nancy.  According to her granddaughter, Ellie, Nancy "counts the money."  Nancy's official job title is Controller but Ellie's description is very accurate.  Nancy also lives in a Garman Home built by her son, Jim Garman.  Nancy is also in charge of letting us know when our conversations are deteriorating.  She keeps us in line and we love her for it.

  • Janice Nesbitt

    Janice Nesbitt

    This is Janice, aka the Ginge.  When Beyonce asks 'who run the world' it is a perfectly acceptable answer to say, 'Janice', especially if you're talking about Briar Chapel.  We pursued Janice for 4 years before she agreed to work for us, proving the best things come to those who wait.  Since starting at Garman Homes, Janice has raised the bar on our dress code and taught us all that it is possible to work in new construction while wearing 5" heels.  Janice's most recent accomplishments include holding down not just her sales job but also managing construction on our Castle In Brooklyn Model from our Playlist Collection.  She sells, she builds, and she won a GOLD Parade Award. Janice's talents outside of work include knowing every word to 'Ice Ice Baby', working a pretty serious runway walk, and being adored by her husband Luke and two pups, Lucy & Piper.  

  • Hunter Davis

    Hunter Davis

    Hunter returned to his Chapel Hill roots to join our sales team in Briar Chapel.  An Anthropology graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill, Hunter adds wit and warmth to our team.  He shares our collective love and delight over the Pretty Committee magic performed in each of our model homes.  He recently joined forces with Janice to hold it down for two new model homes!  Hunter joined our team after a year in general brokerage - one more we lured to the new construction side!  

  • Krista Brown

    Krista Brown

    This is Krista looking stunning in Fresh Paint pink!  Fitting since you can find her selling all the colors of the Fresh Paint rainbow in Knightdale Station.  Although born in the DC area, Krista was raised right alongside other Northerners in Cary, making her a legit North Carolinian.  When her husband, Dillon isn't putting out fires in the city of Raleigh, you can find them at home with their puppies Lola, Claude & Miss Finley.  Krista & Dillon also enjoy spending time at the beach where they enjoy off shore fishing and getting their nails painted.  Ok, that's only Krista.

  • Katelin McCarthy

    Katelin McCarthy

    This is Katelin, one of our lead sales agents in Wendell Falls. She has been in Wendell Falls since the very early days and she's kind of a big deal.  We're not saying dropping her name will get you free coffee at Grounds but we're not NOT saying that.  In fact, Katelin has sold more homes in Wendell Falls than anyone.  Katelin originally moved to the Triangle to go to UNC (Go Heels!), and decided shortly there after that she wasn’t leaving. In her spare time she loves traveling, rescue dogs, exploring downtown Raleigh, a good IPA and the Tar Heels. 


  • Danica Kuplin-Amanchukwu

    Danica Kuplin-Amanchukwu

    Meet Danica our one and only cross-selling agent! She is able to cross neighborhoods in a single bound, providing selling superpowers in Knightdale Station and Wendell Falls. Danica started her real estate career in general brokerage but we lured her over to the New Construction side. Danica also brings expert bartending skills to the team that's frequently in the mood for a drink, how could we NOT hire her? At home, Danica is wife to Chris and mom to Emory & Farrah, both future models if their current appearances are any indication.

  • Darin Reinert

    Darin Reinert

    Ever met a Jedi? Now you have. Darin is our warranty Jedi - arguably the toughest job in new home construction, Darin solves the mysteries and quirks of your new home during your first year of homeownership. Darin is uniquely qualified to solve problems - a championship level gamer and self-described nerd, this guy is committed to figuring out the deal and formulating a plan to fix it. He doesn't always say yes, he doesn't always say no, he does always commit to giving you his best. In addition to Warranty Jedi, Darin also goes by the name of husband to Julia and dad to Caitlin & Emma.

  • Richard Keebler

    Richard Keebler

    This is Richard Keebler aka Cookie.  The only thing sweeter than his family's cookies is his daughter, Evie.  Richard is the warranty tech for Wendell Falls, Knightdale Station and Sunset Bluffs.  He strives to ensure that the house you live in is the house Garman assured you they'd build.  Should you see him in your neighborhood, feel free to stop him and ask him about any concerns you have.  The only silly question about your house is the one you don't ask. 

  • Kevin Kube

    Kevin Kube

    This is Kevin along with his wife, Debbi and their two children, Kara and Kenny.  Kevin is our Construction Manager in Briar Chapel and Horizon.  Kevin has proven he can build just about anything The Pretty Committee dreams up, including our two model homes in Briar Chapel and the 2015 Miracle Home.  In his spare time Kevin enjoys being the world's best dad and spending time on the beach.

  • Chris Tickle

    Chris Tickle

    It takes a special guy to go by the name of Mr. Tickle. And this is one special guy. Chris is joining the fast paced world of Fresh Paint in Briar Chapel. He's managing construction on our Roshambo Collection, keeping up with our fastest selling community, all while trying to learn the names of our crazy plans. Good thing he's a special guy.

  • Chris Clonch

    Chris Clonch

    Meet our other Chris, a.k.a. Smize. His smiley eyes along with his amazing attitude and generous soul had us hooked from jump. Chris builds our Garman and Fresh Paint homes in Sunset Bluffs and can now add 2017 Parade of Homes Gold Award winning builder to his resume. We should also add that he built that Gold home in 9 weeks! Chris lives in Apex with his gorgeous wife, Desiree and cute-as-a-button daughter, Charlee. They also share their home with their four fur-babies Isabel, Cali, Vito, and Sketti. When Chris and Desi have any free time they spend it planning and smoking meat for charity Cornhole tournaments - we think they're perfect and we're so grateful they're part of the Garman family.

  • Robert Thorton

    Robert Thorton

    This is Robert, our Construction Manager for Knightdale Station.  Robert spent over 30 years in education before coming to pursue his dream career in construction at Garman Homes this September. Since starting at Garman Homes, Robert has proven that he is a dedicated worker and all around genuine nice guy. He can put anyone at ease and is gaining quite the fan base. When Robert isn’t working you can find him doing his 3 favorite things - golf, golf, and more golf.  Robert also loves to hang out in Wake Forest with his beautiful wife of 27 years, Wendy, daughter, Samantha, and their two dogs, Boe and Mr. B. Robert also enjoys working out - a lot. Which is why we’re all convinced he’s the Benjamin Buttons of Garman Homes - he seems to be aging in reverse.

  • Scott Burrell

    Scott Burrell

    Meet Scott - our Construction Manager in Wendell Falls. Shown here with his wife Christina, son Liam and daughter Olivia. Scott is described by his team members as the most calm and patient man - all wonderful and coveted traits for a builder.... and we got him! We were all extremely excited to welcome him to the team. When Scott isn't orchestrating the building of all the homes under construction in Wendell Falls with Navy Seal-like precision, he enjoys golfing, fishing and spending time with his beautiful family.

  • Kristen Beck

    Kristen Beck

    This is Kristen along with her daughter, Madison.  Kristen is our Designer at Studio g and a member of The Pretty Committee.  Kristen meets with all of our buyers and walks them through the process of picking selections on their new Garman Home.  In addition to having great taste, Kristen's job also requires her to be skilled in spousal relations and household finance.  You'll know you've designed a great house if Kristen describes it as, 'delish.'

  • Raquel Zepeda

    Raquel Zepeda

    This is Raquel and yes, we swear she's old enough to have a grown-up job.  At 5'1" Raquel is the shortest member of our team, or any team for that matter.  Raquel is a designer focusing mainly on selections for our inventory homes.  If you've walked a home recently and like something, chances are Raquel had something to do with it.

  • Joe Barker

    Joe Barker

    Meet the guy who took over the purchasing dynasty created by Jim Garman himself, he goes by Joe and there is no margin he can't calculate, no new plan he can't bid, no option the Pretty Committee can dream up that he can't find...yet. Joe has experience building homes in the field and since joining Garman Homes, he has experience working alongside so many women he might gain a whole new perspective on life. Joe is married to Stephanie and they will be building their own new home this year - no doubt it will be perfectly purchased by the one and only, Joe.

  • Michelle Huffman

    Michelle Huffman

    This is Michelle with her husband Ross, her son Walker, and daughter Olivia.  She is the Architectural Designer for our newest brand, Fresh Paint by Garman Homes.  Michelle is responsible for creating the floor plans and elevations for the Fresh Paint Series of homes.  As a Raleigh native, Michelle bleeds NC State red. Go Pack! She enjoys spending her free time with family (all local), reading, and taste testing new recipes.

  • Peyton Sursa

    Peyton Sursa

    This is Peyton along with her husband, Nick and their twins boys, Graham and Henry.  When Peyton moved to the Raleigh area 2 years ago, she first fell in love with a Garman home, and then our whole Garman team.  We're now happy to call her our Closing Coordinator, although she wears many hats around our office.  When Peyton isn't busy keeping up with her boys, she enjoys an epic Netflix binge-sesh and a good glass of wine.  Oh, and chocolate.  Always chocolate.

  • Stephanie Terry

    Stephanie Terry

    Meet Stephanie, one of the very few people to be hired without knowing a single one of us! We must have come as quite a shock after her previous experience working for a church. By far, she's one of the quieter Rock Stars among us. A self-described creature-of-the-Annex. Stephanie's got the skills to pay our bills. Officially her title is AP Coordinator. Clearly, we didn't exhaust any creative juices on that title. Stephanie is never very far from Nancy because finance likes to keep things close to the vest. A native North Carolinian, at home Stephanie is mom to Celia & Tyler and wife to Robby.

  • Stephanie Harrelson

    Stephanie Harrelson

    Meet our other Stephanie! She will be concentrating her considerable sales skills on our Abbey Run and Sunset Bluffs communities. She's a University of Georgia graduate and die hard (and we mean DIE HARD) Dawg fan.  Her free time is generally spent with her husband Brandon and two fur-babies Ben and Rex. She loves being out on the lake, going to concerts and enjoying a good glass of wine. She fits right in here at Garman.